Regulations at the accommodation schools

In order for the accommodation to take place as smoothly as possible, the participants must comply with the Norway Cup regulations.

The school's own regulations are superior to the Norway Cup regulations:

Violation of one or more of these points may result in the team being disqualified and notification will be sent to the team's national federation as well as to UEFA.

• The team leader is obliged to familiarize himself with the fire instructions at the individual school.

• Team leaders contact the security staff on arrival at the school. The crew will assign accommodation to the team.

 • All use of alcohol or other forms of intoxicants is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to show up on the school grounds while intoxicated.

• All smoking must take place outdoors in a designated place.

• Participants must be inside the school before 23.00. There should be calm in the schools between 23:00 and at 06.00. There must be at least one responsible leader over the age of 20 for each team in the accommodation room.
 • The participants bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Football boots must be removed and cleaned before the players enter the school.

• Equipment that may be in the room is cleared away by the participants and placed in the designated place. The team is responsible for any damage that may occur.

• It is not allowed to bring food out of the breakfast room, without special permission from the security staff. All types of dining must take place in the dining room.

• Furthermore, football parking is not allowed in the schoolyard. We also ask that the teams take into account the school's local environment so that a good neighborly relationship can be maintained.

 • The guards refer the teams' cars or buses to places where they can park.

 • Accommodation in cars or buses on the school grounds is not allowed. It is also not allowed with a caravan in the schoolyard. We request that the team leader reviews the regulations with the participants, so that we avoid any injunctions. The team's contact person is responsible for the club immediately after arrival at the school, contacting our secretariat to check in the team, as well as to receive the latest information and changes in the game program.