Fellow travellers

Norway cup wish that as many parents/siblings/family members also get the opportunity to be a part of Norway Cup to support their kids and also have the chance to see Oslo. Therefore, we are offering packages so that everyone gets the chance to follow the team. 

Fellow travellers also have the possibility to buy, H or Norway Cup card 1 & 2 card, and they also get the same privileges these cards have to offer.

Parents/siblings can choose to stay at the school/hotel together with the team, or by themselves. At least one person over 20 years must stay with the team at the school/hotel, and we kindly ask each to register these extra cards in the same registration as team.

Parents code of conduct

These rules are presented by the Norwegian Football association

  • Be there for the kids at practice and match – The kids like it
  • Be encouraging towards every player – Not only your own child
  • Be encouraging – In both prosperity and adversity
  • Show respect for the coaches use of players – Suggestions can be given after the game
  • See the referee as a guide – respect the decisions
  • Encourage your kid to be a part of the game – don’t force it
  • Ask if the game was fun – Not only the result
  • Make sure the kids have the right equipment – but don’t overdo it
  • Show respect for the club’s work – Participate in meetings
  • Remember, it is the kids who are playing – Not you
  • Show respect for others – Don’t smoke on the side line


Every match at Norway Cup is free and so are also opening concerts, and other concerts at the tournament. Remember that supporters can be the twelfth man, but rules of behaviour must be followed.

Here are some simple, but important rules to follow:

  • No bengals or fireworks are allowed on the side lines
  • Team flags, mascots and other creative amusement is allowed
  • No whistles or things similar to whistles are allowed. The only whistle allowed is the referees.
  • It is allowed to use a loudspeaker or similar create atmosphere on the side line.
  • Drums and similar are allowed to create atmosphere on the side line.
  • It is not allowed to stand or walk within the limits of the pitch – Even when a team scores or other situations occurs
  • Supporters must stand at least one meter of the pitch limits in order to give the referee the best possible view.
  • It is not allowed to communicate with players from opponent’s team if this communication is intended to disturb – Norway Cup supports Fair Play on the side lines
  • It is not allowed to communicate the referee or his/her’s assistants during the game – Supporters are advised to follow the rules given by the referee.