Do you need transportation, sleeping bags and mattresses?

In conjunction with arrival and departure from Oslo, we arrange bus transportation from the airport, the marina, the train station, and the bus station for our guests. The bus will bring you to the hotel/school where you have been accommodated and pick you up at your hotel or school the day of departure. It is also possible to buy a sleeping bag and mattress for your stay. 

In order for us to facilitate in the best possible way, we are depended on an early order from you. If you do not want us to book transportation for you, do not fill in information at «arrival, departure and transportation». If you arrive with your own cars / buses, or in other ways, we do not need to know.


Oslo Airport ⇒ school/hotel:

Round trip: 400kr 

One way: 200kr 


Oslo Central station ⇒ school/hotel:

Round trip: 200kr 

One way: 100kr 


Oslo Bus station⇒ school/hotel: 

Round trip: 200kr 

One way: 100kr


Boat harbor ⇒ school/hotel:

Round trip: 200kr 

One way: 100kr 

minimum 10 persons per order. 



Matress and sleeping bag

For those of you who have booked accommodation at a school, it is possible to buy mattresses and sleeping bags through us. Then your order will be ready in your classroom at your arrival. This year we offer two types of mattresses, a regular size and an XL size. Both mattresses comes with a pump. The order is placed in Cup Manager and must be ordered within 10th of July.



Width: 76 cm 

Height: 28 cm

Length: 185 cm 





With: 95 cm 

Height: 46 cm 

Length: 196 cm 







Sleeping bag:

With: 85 cm

Length: 220 cm 







Sleeping bag: 150kr 

Matress: 300kr

Matress XL: 450kr 

Sleeping bag + mattress: 450kr

Sleeping bag + XL-mattress: 600kr