Celebrity game at Norway Cup 2023

Get ready for the most fun football match of the year during Norway Cup. The Match of Values will be played on Wednesday 2 August at 12.00. We offer entertaining football, tackles, falls, jubilant scenes and maybe a little tear.

The Match of Values is a regular feature of Norway Cup. This year we are collaborating with Save the Children Norway and Mot. The most important thing we do in the match is to promote good values for children and young people. This year we are promoting equality, and the referees and Fair Play receive extra attention. Among other things, players from the two teams with the best Fair Play scores can take part in The Match of Values.

- We want Norway Cup to be the world's most important arena for sporting joy and friendship. We must show children and young people that everyone is equally valuable and that we must care for each other. And The Match of Values is an arena where celebrities help us focus on our most important message, says Rannveig Sundelin, Head of CSR and Sustainability at Norway Cup.

The value match is played in the finals arena at Ekeberg.


  • Fair Play player: Magnus Rist Jonassen, Leknes Fotballklubb
  • Fair Play player: Tilla Klippen, Bryne 
  • Agnete Husebye
  • Birk Ruud
  • Chris Holsten
  • David Mokel
  • Emil Iversen
  • Emilie Lein
  • Gudmund Kongshavn
  • Marcus Gunnarsen
  • Mike Angeles
  • Nils-Ingar Aadne
  • Ola Høsflot Klæbo
  • Peder Elias
  • Peter Orry Larsen
  • Randulle
  • Sebastian Schjerve
  • Sjur Røthe
  • Thomas Hayes
  • Tobias Brandal Busæt
  • Wanda Mashadi
  • Stian Blipp
  • Amalie Snøløs
  • Arif
  • Daniel Kvammen
  • Joakim Hykkerud
  • Joakim Kleven
  • Jonis Josef
  • Lars Berrum
  • Mads Hansen
  • Martinus Gunnarsen
  • Morten Ramm
  • Olli Wermskog
  • Pål André Helland
  • Tete Lidbom
  • Tonje Brenna
  • Tonje Frigstad
  • Vita Mashadi
  • Maren Lundby
  • Atle Pettersen
  • Øyvind Bolthof


  • Dag-Eilev Fagermo
  • Nils Johan Semb
  • Zaineb Al-Samarai
  • Birgitte Lange

Match hosts:

  • Terje Hauge, Head of Refereeing, Norwegian Football Association
  • Tomas Krogstad, Head of Refereeing, Norway Cup.
  • Match host # 1 Fair Play
  • Match host # 2 Fair Play

Referee: Magne Jonny Krumsvik – Midsund IL – NFF Nordmøre og Romsdal

Assistant referee # 1: Henrik Brækhus – Varegg Fotball – NFF Hordaland

Assistant referee # 2: Camilla Heien – Løv-Ham IL – NFF Sogn og Fjordane