Youth in Action!

Today’s theme is international day at Ekebergsletta. The program “Youth in Action- sport for development and peace” presented various talks on youth’s relation to and opportunities to be active. Among others, Norway’s best referee, Svein Oddvar Moen, shared some of his own experiences and pointed out that friendship and opportunities are important aspects of football. Football gives hope and teaches something new everyday, as well as having positive effects on daily life, such as work and family life. His best advice is that one needs to respect each other and to play fair.

Two young football players and active members of the UN youth panel, Julie Sætre and Sidra Yousaf, spoke about and shared insight on important UN millennium goals. According to them, everyone can make a difference and the most important thing is to engage yourself, either by sharing photos and stories on social media, or by talking to friends and family.

Plan International were also present, represented by Siv Meisingseth, with the main focus on child friendly spaces; a place where children can be children. A short video from a refugee camp in Rwanda helped put this into perspective.

Other performances included, among others, a dance performance by young Palestinian girls, as well a presentation on East Africa Cup by BKS-referee Elisabeth Thoresen.


Photo: Thomas Petterson

Text: Kjersti Hattrem