Welcome to the dance

This year The Norway Cup Disco is located on Ekebergsletta for the first time. Here you can enjoy music and meet other players after your matches.

As the DJ kicks off the show, the beats from the music can be heard widely across Ekebergsletta. And the sound gets louder the closer you get to the disco tent. The name of the tent is Drømmenes arena – The Venue of Dreams.

Around the venue there is a sense of party in the air, and the number of youths hanging around is increasing. Some are still keeping it relaxed in their football gear, while others have spent some time in the bathroom dressing up and making their look picture perfect. In this disco there is no dress code – all players are welcome no matter how they look.

– The Disco is an outstanding opportunity to meet other football lovers in a different setting. It is a place for players to relax, dance and have fun, Morten Jutkvam says. He is responsible for the Disco on Ekebergsletta.

DJs from NRK radio

Outside the entrance to the tent, some players are relaxing by the tables in the chill out lounge, taking a break from the music. Once inside the party vibes are flowing through the air. The music is hammering from the speakers, and the dancing youth is clapping and shouting. The cheering from the football spectators is obviously adopted by the players.

DJs from the radio stadion NRK MP3 is in charge of the music. They make the atmosphere reach new levels as they grab the microphone and tell the youth to join in. The crowd starts singing, and both hands and cheers raise towards the roof.

In front of the stage there are groups of boys, groups of girls and mixed groups. Some boys and girls even have formed their own romantic groups of two.

– This year the disco is free for all Norway Cup participants. This makes it possible for the local teams around Oslo to experience the Norway Cup atmosphere and join the party, Morten Jutkvam says.

A dance for dinnerdisko1

The Venue of Dreams is situated right by the dining hall in Ekeberghallen, and the disco is open from 6PM to 9PM every day until Thursday. This makes the disco a good place to stop either before or after eating dinner.

The disco has two departments, one for players aged 10 to 14 and one for players aged 15 to 19. Alcohol is prohibited in the entire area, and you are not allowed to bring any drinks to the disco, but both drinks and snacks are sold inside. A lot of adults are also present, making sure safety is taken care of. This should make the disco evenings on Ekebergsletta a great experience for all.

– We have space for a lot of people, so we hope the players stop by and enjoy themselves for hours, Morten Jutkvam says.

Check out these pictures from the disco: