Visit the Armed Forces Museum during Norway Cup

One of many museums you can visit, for free, during Norway Cup is the Armed Forces Museum.

You can find the Armed Forces Museum at Akershus Fortress. It is housed in a beautiful brick building from 1860, only 10 minutes’ walk from Karl Johan Street.

At the Armed Forces Museum, you’ll find exhibits that take you through Norwegian military history from Viking times until the 21st century.

Important themes include the union with Denmark until 1814, the union with Sweden until 1905, the German attack on Norway in 1940 and the sea battles during World War II.

In the summer the museum hosts search- and find challenges for the whole family and a drawing area. They also have a museum shop and café. At the café you can buy simple lunch dishes, ice cream, soft drinks, cakes and coffee.

Tel: 23 09 35 82                                                                                    Opening hours 1st May – 31st August                                                                                Museum: 10.00 – 17.00                                                               Café: 11.00 – 15.00