Your team may need a visa to join Norway Cup

 Due to the Schengen agreement, visa applications must be submitted to the local Norwegian embassy around 2-3 months ahead of departure.

What do Norway Cup need?
Before Norway Cup can send an invitation to the club/team/embassy for visa application, we need following documents from you:

  1. Entry form
  2. List of names of all players, coaches and team leader
  3. Birthdates for everyone
  4. Passport numbers for everyone
  5. The entry and participant fees has to be paid
  6. All teams and players have to be a member of their national football association

If your team needs to apply for Visa or if you have questions about visa send an e-mail to: Norway Cup 

If you don’t get your visa approved your participant fees will be refunded to you.

Advantage with applying early
Foreign nationals who wish to participate in Norway Cup must, as a rule, have a visa. Application for a visa to participate in Norway Cup must be submitted to a Foreign Service mission by 20th of May.

Applications submitted prior to this date the will be given priority. Applications submitted after this date cannot be guaranteed processed before Norway Cup. That is why it is a huge advantage to send apply as soon as possible.

All participants under 25 years of age need to pay visa fee but will get their money back when they visit the embassy.

For information about Norwegian Foreign Service missions, go to Norway`s official websites abroad

Participating teams must belong to a club that is a registered with its national FIFA affiliated association. In countries where school teams affiliated to their school football association compete, the school teams that are registered with the national football association are also allowed to participate. All players must belong to the club they are playing for. Please note that players cannot belong to a club from a country where the player is not residing.