Will build on the NC Foundation

Vidar Riseth thinks Norway Cup is a success. He hopes Rema 1000 will help to develop NC further.

Rema 1000 and Norway Cup recently announced that food chain will be the new presenting sponsor of the tournament. It is the largest commercial agreement we know that BSK / Norway Cup has signed some time.

– It is important to emphasize that Norway Cup is a success already. We go into a successful cooperation. We hope that we can be involved in developing the tournament further, says sponsorship manager at Rema 1000, Vidar Riseth to Norway Cup website.

Focus on healthy products
– There is a common thread through the NFF, us and BAMA. Everyone is concerned with fruit and vegetables. The families will get to eat what them want but it will be a big focus on healthy products, says Riseth.

He promises that it still gets sausages and bread at Ekeberg.

– We will strengthen football game concept to develop the offer so that it gets better during Norway Cup, says Riseth.

Red line
The new agreement will Rema 1000 become producers of dry goods and groceries to the kiosks and schools during the event.

– There will be a recurring theme throughout the event, says Riseth.

This means that Rema 1000 will get a stronger visibility at Ekeberg. We are also working with a Matland which should be at Ekeberg in Norway Cup organized by the grocery chain.

– We will work with Norway Cup develop a solid food concept that can do that people are on the field all day, says Riseth.

Will take responsibility
Tony Isaksen, secretary general of Norway Cup, follow up.

– Norway Cup will take a greater social responsibility when it comes to children, inactivity and healthy eating habits. We see all the activities in this connection, says Isaksen and continues:

– Through this agreement we will get a wider food availability at Ekeberg. We will also help people get the opportunity to eat healthier, says Isaksen.