Laundry service for team jerseys during Norway Cup

We’re this year, in cooperation with, offering all players associated with the tournament a laundry service of jerseys/team outfits.
The aim of the service is that players and team officials should not have to spend hours searching for any laundry facilities miles away from the tournament, and rather spend time between games preparing for the next game, and enjoy the atmosphere during the tournament.

Team leader or team representative must bring the outfits they want to be washed to our station at Ekeberg.

He/She will recieve a receipt with the delivered amount of laundry, and information about when the team outfits are ready and can be picked up.
Delivery time will be between 12-24 hours.

To ensure that all submitted team outfits are ready for the next game, we split the day into 2 sessions:
*Session nr 1- 07.00 to 14.00 Team outfits submitted during this period is ready for delivery 07.00 the following morning.
*Session nr 2 – 14.00 to 21.00 Team outfits submitted during this period is ready for delivery 14.00 the following day.

Teams that have a tight schedule with less time between matches than 18 hours will be prioritized, so that all of the outfits are back in time before the next match.
But it is important that the jerseys are delivered to our station as early as possible, and that each team’s representative bring with them information on when the next game is played.Each teams jerseys are placed in their individual bag and individually labeled with team/club, age group, and when the outfits can be picked up at the station.

There are two rates:
129, – kr for 1 bag which holds about 7 kg of team outfits.
189, – kr for 1 bag which holds about 12 kg of team outfits
The correct bag size will be chosen upon delivery. (The service must be paid in advance.)

You will find stationed in the building to the left of Ekeberghallen.