TV2 and Norway Cup signs new long-term contract

TV2 is investing heavily in Norway Cup in the coming years, and has now signed a five-year long contract. It will be even more live matches and magazine broadcasts from the world’s biggest football party.

– TV2 is proud to continue the partnership with such an important and inspiring tournament Norway Cup. The key to the success we have experienced at Ekeberg in recent years is that we take the event on equal seriousness as the Premier League, and so we will work to develop our position further, says sports director of TV 2, Vegard Jansen Hagen.

Norway Cup is a wonderful festival with youthful joy and a local commitment.

– It’s a privilege to be able to convey the unique meeting place Norway Cup is. In addition to being a folk festival, is an important basic values ​​at the bottom with community, volunteerism and international cooperation that we are proud to highlight, says Jansen Hagen.

General for Norway Cup, Tony Isaksen, is very pleased to have landed a long-term 5- year agreement with TV 2 in the Norway Cup TV rights.

– We have had a good and fruitful cooperation with TV 2. I look forward to continuing this partnership, which allows us to get even more live games, magazine broadcasts and sending of concerts at the Norway Cup, says Isaksen.

The Secretary-General believes Norway Cup is the world’s most important venue for peace, sport and play joy.

– The new agreement gives us a wonderful opportunity to reach out to even more of our games and the pleasant atmosphere, as well as providing the Norwegian people a unique opportunity to take part in the world’s biggest football party, says Tony Isaksen in Norway Cup.