TuS Felde are joining us at Norway Cup for the tenth time

TuS Felde are taking three teams with them to this year’s Norway Cup – which will be the club’s tenth time at the tournament.  This year they’re bringing their B-juniors (U16), a girls’ team, and their C-junior team (U 14). The boys in the B-juniors team have already been once before, but for the girls’ team and C-juniors this is the first time at Norway Cup. The C-juniors has always wanted to join and this year the boys, parents and coaches asked to go so many times that the coach had to say yes.

The club says: “For Felde, a village of 2200 inhabitants, it is wonderful that so many young people can participate in the tournament. The experience of those players who have previously participated in Norway Cup make so many of our young people want to travel to Oslo and participate in Norway Cup.

“The country, the people, the Norwegian mentality, the friendly town, a super-organized tournament, good food, Ekeberg, museums and of course the passion of football is why we year after year says: yes we’ll go!

“We look forward to a great week at Norway Cup 2017.”