Travelling to East Africa Cup

The football referees Elisabeth Thoresen and Emilie Rodahl Dokset will both be going to East Africa Cup (EAC) in the end of June. They will be holding a training course for referees during the tournament.

“I am very excited. It is sure to be a unique experience”, says Elisabeth Thoresen

Norway Cup is cooperating with EAC on evolving the events. This is why we are sending our two best female referees to teach local youth in East Africa. They will also bring a world of knowledge back to Norway. Norway Cup is also sponsoring the EAC with Fair Play prizes to each class.

Referee course

The girls are very excited about the journey.

Thoresen says; “We will be organizing a course for 40 African referees. We will mentor them, watch games and give feedback along the way. The goal is that the referees will be able to go back and work as football referees as part time jobs.”

The course will go for three days and will have video compilations and practical problem solving.

There might be some language barriers during the stay.

“Everyone are supposed to speak English, but we are prepared for some communication challenges”, adds Thoresen

Very interesting

Thoresen continues: “I am looking forward to the whole experience during the cup. It’s all about gathering youth from different countries and different cultures around one common thing: football. It is very interesting to use the sport as a tool to bring people together to learn about current topics in society,”

The UN will be represented during the tournament . There will be speakers talking about urbanization and the issues of HIV/Aids.

Back home in Norway, Thoresen and Dokset will be sharing their experience and learning through seminars at the club and during Norway Cup.