Thrilling BMX show

A thrilling BMX show was held on Tuesday afternoon at Ekebergsletta.

BMX athlete Didrik Dimmen and three of Europ’s best athletes in BMX freestyle stole the audience’s breath away at the main stage on Tuesday. Together they put on a thrilling show where they used a ramp on top of a truck and throw themselves into the air with mind boggling tricks. A few of the tricks didn’t go quite as planned, and resulted in minor injuries, yet this didn’t discourage the performers (one who already managed to get a concussion during the warm up). The audience witnessed tricks such as tailwhips, back and front flips, with variations with and without hands. The audience were in awe throughout the performance and clapped enthusiastically. This was obviously something the Norway Cup audience enjoyed. Have a look below!


Text/photo: Lina Mellem Enoksen