The Other Arenas

When you think of Norway Cup, you instantly think of the vast number of pitches at Ekebergsletta.

However – even there does not have enough fields for a whole week of football to take place on.

This is why the tournament also takes place at several of the local football clubs throughout Oslo.

There is a core of venues that are used every year – these being at Abildsø and Rustad nearby in the southeast of the City, and Furuset in the northeast of Oslo.

Over the past few years, the tournament has also used the complex at Valle Hovin, which is the training ground of Premier Division club Vålerenga IF, and at Voldsløkka – which is in the far north of Oslo.

However, the 2016 tournament has grown even more with the addition of more age classes and 9v9 football.  It is for this reason that another new venue has been utilised at Tørteberg – which is in the Majorstua district of western Oslo.

This agreement could only have happened with the kind offer of Oslo club FK Frigg, who have donated the use of their training grounds to allow the extra games arranged in the schedule to take place – with 4 pitches used in the 7v7 competition and one pitch for the 9v9 Cup.