The Main Level take over Ekebergsletta

Tuesday afternoon the The Main Level, in cooperation with MOT, held a concert for an excited fanbase at Ekebergsletta

The most eager girls had lined up hours ahead of time to see their idols live in concert, and the boys in The Main Level did not disappoint. The boyband kick started their 40 min long concert in cooperation with MOT by performing the song Inside My Radio. Thereafter, a mix of more hits, acoustic songs and a cover track. The audience clapped, jumped, screamed and danced along with the songs, and more people came to the main stage throughout the length of the concert.

As ambassadors for MOT the boys also talked about the importance of MOT, what it stands for and how proud they are to be their ambassadors. They focused on the importance to have the courage to live your dreams and to take chances. One needs to be there for one another, because together we are stand stronger.

The boys rounded off the concert, with their big hit, to the wild bewilderment of the crowd, My Girl and their newest single A Million More. The screams and smiles from the crowd were endless.


Oslo girls Sarah, Zana, Ina and Loretta met up several hours early and were very pleased With the concert.

-It was fantastic, just crazy, they light up and scream in unison.

The girls have heared the boys play several times in the past, and are almost at a loss of words when asked why they’re such big fans.

-They are just.. There is just something about them.. They make us so… Sarah says with endless excitement.

-They are really down to earth, Ina adds.

-And amazing singers, says Zana.

-They are also so handsome and take good care of their fans and that is important, the girls says in unison.

F.v: Sarah (14), Zana (15) og Ina (15).
F.l: Sarah (14), Zana (15) og Ina (15).