Tarjei Bø on target

The Norwegian biathlon star Tarjei Bø did what he usually do, hit the target. This time with an opponent splashing into a cold pool as a result. 

Bø visited the DnB stand on Wednesday together with snowboarder Stian Sivertzen and fellow biathlon star Tiril Ekchoff. The biathletes teamed up for the relay, while Sivertzen captained the other team. The relay included hurdle, sprint and a dizzying ten rounds around a pole – followed by a penalty shot where they were supposed to score in two small goals by the posts.

Both teams did good and there was little to separate them, but Sivertzen was in the lead going into the final round. Until Tarjei Bø followed.

– I went all in and gave it all I got, Bø said.

The biathlon star is famous for impressive final rounds with skies and gun, and he didn’t do so badly at the relay on the DnB stand either. He finished all the stations really fast, and even managed to score with his first try.

– It was hard! Almost harder than the last decisive shooting at a 20 km biathlon, Bø said.

tarjeibø2The biathlon team could celebrate the victory. And the prize was another shoot out, with even more to lose for Sivertzen and his team. One person from the team had to sit down on a chair hanging over the small, cold pool by the shoot out wall.

Bø and his team took turns shooting at the wall, and when they hit the target, the person on the chair was flipped over and went into the pool.

– A fun competition. Especially the shooting opponents into the water thing, Bø said, and grinned.

The Norwegian biathlete is not unfamiliar with Norway Cup and football. He played for a team in his home town until he was 16 years old, and even got to participate in Norway Cup one time.

– I played for Veten, and we finished third, Bø recaps.

He also has a lot of memories from hanging out at Ekebergsletta between games, experiencing all the fun activities. Bø was really happy to be back, both for the DnB relay and for the celebrity match.

– It’s great being here! Finally I got the chance to play for MOT in the celebrity match, I am really glad I could be a part of that game, Bø said.

Tiril Eckhoff, Tarjei Bø and their young teammates ejoying the victory.


By Magne Mellem Enoksen