Stord was first club

Stord was the first club that entered the two teams to Norway Cup 2016. They will play in the tournament class C.

– It’s a bit special that we are the first registered team, says coach Atle Nilsen to Norway Cup website.

Great expectations
It was his umpire Aina Nilsen reporting on teams to Stord.

– We try to be a little early compared to what we will do next year in relation to parents, etc., says Atle Nilsen.

The boys at Stord teams have been looking forward to the tournament for several years already.

– We have attended several small cups and took part in Sandar Cup this year. We have very high expectations for the Norway Cup. It is primarily participating in a large cup guys looking forward to most, says Nilsen.

Sporting ambitions
The team has also sporting ambitions before next year’s participation in the Norway Cup.

– We took silver in Sandar Cup so we’ve got some expectations also to Norway Cup. We have a used mustache team and we have expectations about A Playoffs for one team, says Nilsen.

He also says that the boys have heard rumors that there be broadcast several matches on television from the tournament.

– It would have been nice if we could get a live match since we were the first team to told us, says Atle Nilsen.

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