South African team, Super Lucky Star, are joining Norway Cup for the first time!

Super Lucky Star, who are situated about 20 kilometres outside Cape Town in the Southern Suburbs, are for the first time ever travelling outside of Cape Town this summer. The team are joining thousands of other players at Norway Cup in July.

Super Lucy Star FC was established in 2017 as young boys wanted to play football and just did not have a coach. They were quite eager to become major football stars as they saw this as a way out for them. The Club had 20 members at the start and have now grown to 80 members from age 8 until 30

The Southern Suburbs has a population of approximately 40 00 residents. Substance abuse is around every corner, with children as young as 10 years old sniffing glue or smoking drugs. The club believes that football has the power to change lives, and says:

Most of our players want to make life better for them and they believe by playing football they will be able to achieve this. We also follow up on their personal life as we believe we should keep each child out of court by empowering them with various skills.

About their participation Natalie Swartz says:

The opportunity to participate in Norway Cup was offered to us and we believe that this opportunity will encourage the boys to follow their dreams in becoming anything they want to.

She continues:

We think Norway Cup is a wonderful opportunity for young people from around the world to gather together to play football and maybe become friends.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone from Super Lucky Star to Norway Cup