Skrim to NC

Skrim G04 comes to summer’s Norway Cup.

Gard Brandsæter have sent us some information.

1: Why do you choose NC?
1: Skrim have a tradition to attend the Norway Cup with all its 12-year lag. It is a goal we set for all teams, and something we really look forward to. Skrim conducts voluntary work and planning several years in advance, to make sure everyone is familiar with what to do when and that all financial framework is in place.

We build up an expectation among players, team officials and parents and make sure we are well prepared so that everyone has a wonderful experience with a week Norway Cup with our 12-year-olds. Norway Cup is the tournament with big T Skrim look forward to.

2: What are the ambitions with Norway Cup 2016? Win?
2: Our ambition is not to win but to build player groups, create good experiences both on and off the field, build a cohesive group of parents who support each other and the players and create good environment. We have absolute will to win in teams and exercising targeting Norway Cup, but for us it’s just as important to create width and motivation to play football for many years.

3: What pleases you most to Norway Cup 2016?
3: Norway Cup is an experience. It is not his alone, concerts or stay at school as isolated motivates. It is the total experience of everything that happens, the joy of playing football games, meet new friends and attend a big event that gives everyone an experience they will remember forever.

Skrim Boys 04 has entered three teams to Norway Cup 2016. We have about 35 players in the squad and we hope that as many people as possible would like to participate in summer Cup.

With best regards

Gard Brandsæter
Responsible Norway Cup Boys Skrim 04

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