Safe Tournament

Norway Cup should be a safe and secure tournament for all participants, spectators and visitors. Our goal is to make sure that everyone that everyone who sends their children and youths to participate in Norway Cup, should feel completely confident that the safety of our participants of the utmost importance to us. We have, over the years, built a robust and experienced security and emergency team, who are capable of handling this task

We have developed a thorough, and detailed, contingency plan that will be put in place when needed. We have over the years, and continue to have, a very close and good working relationship with the police in Oslo, and this is one of the key elements in executing a safe tournament. The police use huge resources during our tournament to ensure everyone’s safety. They establish a police station at Ekebergsletta during the tournament, and also patrol the schools and other places where our participants stay.

Another very important factor in organising a safe tournament, is of course good communication with all team leaders, coaches and parents who take their team to Norway Cup.

To ensure our participants do not experience anything unpleasant, like harassment, violence, sexual assault or similar, Norway Cup work, along with the Norwegian Association for Sports, to develop a “Safe Tournament” program. The goal with this program is to give coaches and team leaders coaching in what acceptable behaviour is, and how to make their participants aware of how to stay safe, along with a system for reporting any untoward behaviour. 

Code of Conduct for Norway Cup participants
• I will act fairly, honestly and tactfully to treat everyone I meet at the Norway Cup with dignity and respect.
• I will not take part in any form of discrimination, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, caste, language, HIV status and other aspects of identity
• I will not take part in any form of bullying, harassment, or in any other way disrespect the rights of others
• I will respect other people’s personal boundaries – not using words or touch to hurt or cause discomfort
• I will not hit or use other kind of violence against anyone
• I will not use drugs or any kind of doping
• I will take responsibility for my actions and act in a friendly and correct manner and not behave in a way that is likely to bring myself, my club or the Norway Cup event into disrepute
• I will follow the Norway Cup tournament rules

As an adult:
• I will carry out my individual responsibility for children and youth which are engaged in the organised activities and create a safe environment to prevent physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect.
• I will always react if I observe anyone – children or adults – breaking these code of conducts
• I will not drink alcohol or use any other substances while I am responsible for Norway Cup participants
• I will not engage in sexual relations with anyone under the age of 18, or abuse or exploit a child in any way. I will in no way use the participation in Norway cup to exploit or anticipate reciprocity from any competitor
• I will not receive or accept any bribes or significant gifts which have been offered as a result of my engagement with my club or with Norway Cup.

I understand that violation of any of the above code of conduct can, depending
on the degree of severity, result in immediate disciplinary action or report to the
appropriate authorities.

Who do I contact if I experience, or observe, something?

Norway Cup have several points of contacts you can contact if you experience uncomfortable situations, or observe something suspicious:

  • Norway Cup secretariat: come and speak to us at our secretariat to report what you have experiences. Our team will take good care of you and listen to you. We will then put in place any necessary actions to help.
    • Place: next to Ekeberg Sports Hall, Ekebergveien 101
    • Opening hours 08:00 – 22:00
    • Tel: +47 22660200
  • Police stand: The police is present at Ekeberg throughout the whole tournament. They will be available if you need to have a chat, or if you have some questions.
    • Place: between Ekeberg School and the G-Sport sales tent
    • Opening hours: 09.00 – 19.00
    • Tel: +47 970 62 715
    • Oslo police district 24 hour tel: 02800
  • SMISO-stand: During Norway Cup SMISO – the support centre against incest and sexual assault in Oslo – will be present at our main fields. They will be available for anyone that need to talk about their own experiences or who have questions.
    • Place: Global Goals Arena, between field 5 og 6