Rising Star Football Academy Korea and Vietnam travel to The Norway Cup for 4th Year

Rising Star from South Korea and Vietnam has been attending Norway Cup since 2014 – read their blog about travelling to Oslo for the world’s largest football tournament for children and youths, Norway Cup. 

Nothing beats the excitement and anticipation we all have when starting our journey to the Norway cup. After months of planning and preparation, the day finally comes to meet all the players at the airport, as the players get together their smiles grow and the buzz heightens.

We’ve been attending the Norway Cup since 2014 and have enjoyed it more and more every year, it’s such a great tournament with so many teams from all over the world and we are always made to feel welcome. From the opening ceremony to the last minute of the last game the players have the biggest smiles on their faces, and this is why we continue to attend every year. For a tournament of this size it is extremely well run with friendly assistance always available for any problems imaginable. The guides we have had in previous years have been amazing, on hand at any moment from assisting with traveling to a game to helping with an injury.

When deciding on a tournament we look for maximum playing time for our teams and a fun and exciting atmosphere in a safe and friendly environment. The Norway Cup certainly has this, in abundance. The sheer scale of the tournament is impressive, the amount of teams attending makes organising friendly matches and making friends incredibly easy. The tournament itself has many different categories to enter teams which is fantastic for us, the standard of the opposition is usually very good which makes the games even more exciting and enjoyable for the players. This coupled with the entertainment for the players outside of game time makes it the perfect tournament for us.

We have enjoyed much success in the previous years, yet we have failed to lift a trophy to this point, but we feel that 2017 may well be our year. We have strong teams across the board and we will be preparing in the UK for one week before travelling to Oslo. We feel that this preparation before the trip will be a big assistance in our quest this year. This year we will enter 6 teams with players joining from our academies in South Korea and Vietnam. Players from Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Australia, USA, Pakistan, Ireland and Japan joining our teams for 2017. We are very proud of the diversity of our teams as well as the quality we will be able to deliver. Our teams will compete in the A17, B, V, M, I categories as well as the exciting 3 v 3 category for young boys and girls who are joining the trip with family and cannot contain their excitement about being able to enjoy the football festivities as well.

Oslo is such a wonderful and clean city, transport to the different areas is so smooth and easy. When staying at the schools we’ve found it to be very comfortable and the players have so much fun staying together. We have previously stayed in a hotel, but much prefer the togetherness of the schools, especially as some of our players are meeting for the first time.

On the whole, Norway Cup is everything we look for in an international tournament. I have no doubt we’ll continue to return year after year.

We hope the sun shines and the laughter and joy in 2017 reverberates around the fields of Ekerberg for all to hear. We will make as much noise as is possible and in a variety of different languages, which always creates confusion for our opposition who show up expecting to play a fully Korean team.

A fantastic Norway Cup 2017 awaits all Rising Stars!