Remyra Girls 04 are taking part in Norway Cup this summer

The girls, who have played together since the 2nd grade, play handball in the winter and football in the summer, and are now planning to take part in the world’s biggest football tournament, Norway Cup.

The girls take part in one big cup each year – alternating between handball and football tournaments. This year, football was on the cards and the girls chose Oslo and Norway Cup.

This is the first time they are taking part in Norway Cup and they are very excited about participating:

“We are really looking forward to the train journey down and being social together at the school between matches. We also hope to meet teams from other countries. We have previously played football against a team from Bangkok and handball against a team from Kenya – and these are great memories for us.”

The girls have fundraised 50,000 NOK for their participation through various activities, such as selling toilet paper, kitchen roll, tea and coffee.

Does your team want to attend this year’s tournament? Sign up for HERE.