Promotion of girls in football

General Secretary Tony Isaksen, together with Roger Gustafsson from IKF Gothenburg and Karen Kvalevåg, general secretary of the NIF, held an inspiring speech today at the Global Norway stand. The goal is to achieve 50/50 share between the girls and boys in the tournament, and Isaksen has kicked off a collaboration among tournaments in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

50/50 equality/share/proportion  Isaksen’s goal is to inspire several girls to play football and to have gender equality. Today, the proportion of the girls participating in the cupis just over 30%. When it comes to female judges, the numbers are far lower, where the proportion is only 10%. Here the goal is 25% by 2021, says Isaksen. – The younger age, the more even the proportion is. The girls drop out because of other interests, and too little focus towards them, he continues. Isaksen believes the solution could be more focus towards the girls. We must stream more matches and create a sense of achievement. You do not necessarily have to win every match, but playing is very social. He also believes that the most important thing about sports is to create social meeting places, which he believes is easy to forget when the players develop. When the girls hit puberty, things happen, they stagnate a little and Isaksen believes that the social meeting places are the key to preserving the girls. – The longer the girls stay, the better, he adds.

Difference between girl and boy football – There is a lot more money within the boys’ football. It is important that the girls get attention, for example, that they will be on TV, says Isaksen.   He believes Norway Cup may be the opportunity. Does TV not show interest for the girls, streaming is another option. He says that several people are watching streaming, and it is a good solution for creating attention. Another opportunity that Isaksen share is that Norway and other countries have to show interest. They need to ensure enough resources so that girls get the chance to evolve. This is important to Norway Cup, says the Norwegian Cup’s General Secretary. Norway will collaborate with tournaments in Denmark and Sweden. – FINAL6 is an opportunity. For example, winners from Norway Cup, Dana Cup and Gothia Cup meet for a Nordic final and play against each other, explains the legendary coach Stephen Gustafsson.

The team of friendship, Rødenes and Shanghai

Teams of friendship During the speech, the team of friendship is listening. This team of friendship includes a team from China, Shanghai, and Norway, Rødenes. We talked to teamates Cassandra (12) and Karoline (12) about what it’s like to be in a team of friendship. – It is fun! We watch each other playing matches and cheer for one another. It’s very fun to get to know them, said Cassandra, while Karoline nods in agreement. The teams are staying at the same school, Marken School and they spend a lot of time with them in their spare time. Karoline says that they both play cards and football together. – They are very good at football, but they are one year older than us, in addition to going to academy, Karoline explains. The teams have found each other on social media and can keep in touch. Otherwise, both girls agree that the best thing about the Norway Cup is to play football, and Cassandra adds that the goal is to win.   Lagene har funnet hverandre på sosiale medier, og kan slik holde kontakten videre. Ellers er begge jentene enige i at det beste med Norway Cup er å spille fotball, og Cassandra legger til at målet er å vinne.

Cassandra (12) and Karoline (12)

Text: Iben Carnhed og Andrea Smedsrud Gammelgård Translated by: Iben Carnhed Photo: Bjørn-Aslak Dallmann