Played a 24 hours marathon game to make Norway Cup trip happen

Stjarnan from Iceland has traveled to Norway with a team of 45 girls, team supporters, and several parents and siblings. To finance their trip to the Norway Cup the team girls had to find different ways to raise money.The most creative idea was the 24 hours marathon soccer game they arranged. There they got money against how many hours they played in the match.

Almar Gudmundson that are the team leader for the girls says that there are a culture on Island where the team them self has to find solutions in order to raise money for traveling to the cups they want to play. They have not only play the marathon soccer game, but also collecting bottles and working in the kiosk when the elite team in the club have played their home matches.

Sigrun Lilja Grudbjartsdottir who is a mother for one of the girls tells about the choice of the tournament.

– We chose Norway Cup because it is one of the best tournaments for girls. We are here guaranteed minimum 5 games and that are important since it cost a lot to travel from Iceland, says Grudbjartsdottir.

Because even it they aim to perform well, the main goal for the trip is to have fun and play a lot of soccer.

They are also impressed by the things they have seen for now.

– The organization is very good and all the football courts are very impressive, Gudmundson add.

The 45 girls are divided into three teams, and the girls on Stjarnan 1 in class S (G14,11) have won all of the games so far without any goals against them. Since they have won the spring season on Iceland they are clear that the goal for the year is to win the Norway Cup. Hildigunnur Yr (14) speaks on behalf of the team when she says:

– We have been waiting the whole season for Norway Cup, it’s this year’s main goal.

They speaking at once to explain, and on the question on what the long term goal is. They are no hesitation. They all want to play on the national team.They say it’s a great inspiration that the Iceland national team played the women’s European Championship this year.

Friday morning at 9am they will play the quarter final against Pyongyang Int. Football School.