Pictures and video from the sports service

The sport service was held on sunday 11 AM in Bekkelaget Church just outside Ekeberg. Present were the teams of Gaza Kids, Sabra & Shatila Survivors, Al Quds and Mathare United together with representatives from host team Bekkelaget.

Chariman of Norway Cup, Paal Karstensen, greeted all visitors by reminding them about the new goals of Norway Cup: The world’s largest venue for the joy of sports and friendship. In this context, pastor Sverre Bang preached about the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Eyad A. Elmasry, executive manager of Al-Amal Institute For Orphans, says they attended the service to forward a message of equal rights for all children in all countries.

Video: Song and dance from Mathare United and Sabra & Shatila Survivors, respectively.


Text/photo: Bjørn Aslak Dallmann

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