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Fun Park
The Fun Park at Norway Cup has a variety of activities, also for as the youngest kids (2-6 years). Burton Rigley Park for instance, offers a fun, cool and challenging Fun Park activity: Snowboarding. Here kids can try snowboarding for the very first time, in a safe and fun environment. Everybody also get a prize with their picture on it. 

Sun Patrol, quiz and prizes
Look out for the The Norwegian Cancer Association at Ekebergsletta on Tuesday og Wednesday. They will be there with a “Sun Patrol”, to teach kids and parents about sun protection. They also have a quiz – and guess what, you can win prizes if you participate!

Friendship games
Norway Cup are happy to host Friendship games during the Norway Cup week. If you and your team are interested in playing a Friendship game, please report to the technical division at the Norway Cup office, by Ekeberghallen. Note: You need to show up personally. You can also send an email to:

Live streaming This year hundreds of games from pitch 4 and 6 at Ekebergsletta will be streamed live. Norway Cup and the news corporation Amedia are cooperating, and local Norwegian newspapers as Drammens Tidende, Nordstrands Blad, Romerikes Blad and Fredriksstad Blad are some of the sites to host the live streams. Links to live streams will also be available at the front page of Enjoy!

Drammens Tidende are one of several newspapers who will stream live from Norway Cup this year. Photo: Carina Alice Bredesen

Free cellphone charge spot at Ekebergsletta The DNB tent at Ekebergsletta have around 200 spots for cellphone charging available, all for free. The cellphones will be safely locked in while they charge, and you will get a key for safekeeping.

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