Opening show kick started Norway Cup 2016

«It’s such a delight that the European Championship is finished because this is where the real stars are » presenter Markus Bailey told the huge crowd of about 10,000 people present. This year’s happening was officially kicked off by Tony Isaksen, the new secretary general for Norway Cup. This is the 44th year Norway Cup is arranged, and the main focus this year is on feelings and unity, and that is what we will be celebrating!

The most eager fans secured spots at the front row about 14 hours before show start, and there was no doubt that they were most excited to see Markus and Martinus perform.

Heavy showers before show start, and unclear skies throughout the concert, did not put a damper on the festive atmosphere. Both young and old gathered for over two hours of lively entertainment including a flame show, disco lights and a smoke machine.

The opening show included the following line up:

Artist and song:

Julie Bergan: “All hours”, “I Kinda Like It”, “Arigato”

Innertier: ” Nye Jeans”, “Nei Kjære Deg” (with Morgan Sulele), “Elak Elak”

Morgan Sulele: “Din Sang”

Robin & Bugge + Morgan Sulele: “Gal”

Samantha J: “Bad Like Yuh”, “Reddy” (new single!)

Madden + 6 am: “Golden Light”

Jesper Jenset: “High”, “Y&I” (new single!)

TRXD feat. Hilde: “Wherever You Go”

Omer Bhatti: “Automatic”

Sandra Lyng: “Night After Night”, “Blue”, “Play My Drum”

The Main Level: “My Girl”, “A Million More”

Markus & Martinus: “Girls”, “Heartbeat”, “Lite It Up”

Dance performance:


Oslo Cheer Team Galaxy

Photo: Fabian Stratenschulte

Text: Kjersti Hattrem