Old Christmas trees turn into Norway Cup trip

Sædalen IL’s Girls team (14 years) really wanted to take part in this year’s Norway Cup and came up with a fantastic idea to raise money for their trip. The girls, who have played together since starting primary school, came up with the idea that they’d help people get rid of their old Christmas trees for a fee.

They collected 120 trees during one weekend. Their parents contributed by providing the transport, while the girls ran from house to house and collected trees. Talk about good service! They mainly used Facebook as the main way to advertise and people could easily pay through an app, Vipps, which made the business idea as simple as it was ingenious.

The result was 12,000 NOK and a trip to this year’s Norway Cup. The girls are really excited about coming to Oslo and play football, try out all the fun activities and meet new teams.

We congratulate the girls on their effort, and are looking forward to welcome them and all the others, at Ekeberg this summer!