Norwegian Elite Player Ghayas Zahid on Visit

Norwegian elite player Ghayas Zahid from team Vålerenga visited the DNB-stand on Tuesday. He was accompanied by select players from team Strømsgodset and alpine skiers Kjetil Jansrud and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. Ghayas and the other elite series players have taken a break from elite series matches, but got to meet Manchester United on the field last Sunday during a training match.

Zahid himself has participated in Norway Cup two to three times before, and is on point in his recipe for success as a football player:

– Practise a lot, be a good competitor, be humble and never give up, says the Norwegian elite team player.

Friendship was Tuesday’s theme-of-the-day at Norway Cup.

– Friendship is important to me, and it’s valueable within a team; there’s a big advantage if you’re true friends with your teammates and otherwise have a good relation to your peers and who’s around you, Zahid says.

Future plans for Ghayas aren’t yet ready. For now he’ll play for Vålerenga, but isn’t hesitant to consider other options, for instance, if it’s a offer from abroad.

On last Sunday’s match against Manchester United, he clearly noticed differences between them and his Norwegian oponents.

– The players’ behaviour is different and their skill level higher, and it’s quite the hype to meet the stars, so all in all it was a great experience. You learn a lot, however, you also get to see where the skill level’s at. There’s a considerable difference in the physics of the players as well as in their self confidence, both of which are pretty high without over-emphasizing, Zahid ends.





Interview: Sigurd Goffèng-Bjerke and Lina Mellem Enoksen.

Photo: Helene Thomsgård.

Translation: Bjørn Aslak Dallmann.

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