Museums and Attractions

As a participant, you get free admission to several attractions in Oslo

Free admission ONLY during the tournament (Saturday week 30 to Sunday week 31)


The Astrup Fearnley Museum

Visit Astrup Fearnley museum and see exciting, modern contemporary art!

The museum moved to Tjuvholmen in 2012, beautifully located by the Oslo Fjord in a building designed by the architect Renzo Piano

The museum have a lot of skilled guides that can tell you about all the art if you want. Everybody is welcome! Kids must accompanied by an adult, and remember: Do not touch the art!

Place: At the tip of Aker Brygge (Tjuvholmen)

Opening hours :

Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday 12-17

Thursday 12-19

Saturday,Sunday 11-17



The international Museum of Childrens Art

 The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo is a unique collcetion of art made by children from 2-18 years of age, from more than 180 countries. The muesm is one of the first of its kind, and at the three-store building you can see the world through childrens eyes and experience the ethical values that childrens art represent. Maybe you find a picture from the place you come from?

Place: In a villa at Frøen, located at Lille Frøens vei 4. A short walk from Majorstuen and Frognerparken, but you can also take the subway line 1 to get there. During summer, the museum is open Tuesday-Thursday 09.30-14.00 , and Saturday-Sunday from 11.00am to 16.00pm. Monday and Friday the museum is closed



The Kon-Tiki Museum

The Kon-Tiki Mueseum contains original rafts and objects from Heyerdahls world famous expeditions. The original Kon-Tiki and Ra II rafts. The Museum presents the following displays: Fatuhiva, Kon-Tiki, Galapalagos, Ra, Tigris, Easter Island with a 40 meter long cavewalk containing several unique caverock sculptures. An underwaterexhibition with a 10-meter long whaleshark, the Thor Heyerdal biblioteqhue, cinema and store. The Original Kon-Tiki movie is shown every day in English at 12:00 PM.

Thor Heyerdahl(1914-2002) became world famous when he crossed the atlantic with the balmwood fleet Kon-Tiki in 1947. After that, spectacular travels with the papyrusboats Tigris and Ra. These voyages proved that prehistoric people could have travelled this way before the sadle and wheel where invented.

Heyerdahls reputation as a scientist became well known through his archeological diggings at the mythical Easter Island. Curiosity and courage was Heyerdahls most important traits as an adventurer and scientist.

The museum is located at Bygdøy just outside Oslo centrum. Here you can also find other exciting museums; The Vikingship museum, Norwegian peoples museum, The Holocaust Center, Norwegian maritime museum, The Fram Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum. Read more about all the museums at: Bygdøy web

You can take the bus to Bygdøy from either Sentralbanestasjonen or Nasjonaltheateret every tenth minute. From April to October you can also take the ferry to the Kon-Tiki Museum. The Ferry leaves from the pier close to Rådhuset

The museum is open every day from 09.30 – 18.00

Address: Bygdøynesveien 36, Bygdøy


Fram – The Polar Exploration Museum

The Fram Museum is located at Bygdøy. Here you can see Fram, the strongest wood ship in the world! Here you can also have a swim in Oslofjorden. Boat Service offers small yellow ferries who takes you to the museum four times per hour during summer. You can also find:

  • The Polarship Gjøa rebuilt
  • New hisotical expeditions
  • Presentation of different themes in the North – Icemelting and polarbears
  • Spectacular models of the Zeppelins Norway and N25
  • Activitycenter – Test your abilities
  • 116 seats cinema showing videos every 15th minute
  • Northern lights show every 20th minute
  • You can try the polarbear simulator
  • Underground tunnels containing stories from the North-West passage

Place: Bygdøynesveien 36, Bygdøy

Read more:  Frammuseet

Opening hours: 9-18


Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center is the museum about the Nobel Peace Prize. Learn about the Peace Prize laureates and their work, and experience the magical book about Alfred Nobel.

Opening hours:
All days 10:00 – 18:00

Adresse:  City Hall square


The Norwegian peoples museum

The Norwegian peoples is actually the oldest open-air museum in the world. The museum has 155 building where most of them are from the 12th century, and the newest from 2002. Most of the buildings have been moved from different parts of Norway and have been rebuild at the museum.

One part of the museum shows the countryside villages, while the other part shows the city. Homemade soft potato bread and a trip to the old store where you can buy old-fashioned candy is very popular amongst the kids! Free Wi-Fi at the whole museum

Place: Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo

Read more: Norsk Folkemuseum

Akershus fortress

To Oslo, Akershus Fortress is an important part of the city’s identity. The city centre was established within the walls of the fortress during 1624. The area around the fortress is popular amongst tourists during summer.


The millitary defence museum

At Akershus fortress, the main museum is the millitary defence museum. This museum is located in an old arsenal building, and it’s been there since 1860! The exhibitions shows the history of the Norwegian military defence from the 15th century until today. The museum provides information based on history, so that questions regarding the modern defence could be solved in a good way.

Place: Akershus Fortress

Read more: Forsvarsmuséet

Norwegian Homefront Museum

This museum located on the top of the fortress is Norways leading museum for occupation history. Through its collection, archives and library, the museum is creating a true and live picture of how occupation is influencing the people.

Place: Akershus fortress

Read more: Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum


Nature historical Museum

This museum contains of botanichal garden, geological museum and zoolochigal museum. Here you can find animals, plants, minerals, rocks, and fossils from all around the world.

Meet the dinosaurs in the Geological museum, while you at the same time can see diamonds, meteors, and fossils. At the Zoological museum you can see a huge collection of hunting trophies from all over the world, and also the fantastic collection of animals you wish that did not exist.

Place: Oslo university

Entrance: Sarsgate and Monradsgate, 0562 Oslo


The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

These museums shows several collections of both Norwegian and international art. You can find architecture and design in both buildings

Place: Universitetsgaten 13
Read more: Nasjonalgalleriet

Place: Bankplassen 3
Read more: Nasjonalmuseet – arkitektur

Norwegian Technical Museum

The Technical musuem is a must when youre in Oslo! At the knowledge-center you can push buttons and make things happen! During summer, special activities are arranged every day.

How about programming a lego-robot to cure a heart with a desease? You can also see more than 20 different exhibitions about music and machines, historical industry, Oil and Gas, medicine, hospitals and much more.

Place: Kjelsåsveien 143
Read more: Norsk Teknisk Museum

Norsk Maritimt Museum
(tidl. Sjøfartmuseet)

Norwegian Maritime Museum

Welcome to the museum of ocean, coast, and sea fare in Oslo. Here you can find several different exhibitions, movies and food places.


  • Exciting, modern and new exhibitions every year
  • The exhibition ¨skipet¨ – Where you can see Norways oldest boat (2200 years old) and captain your own radiocontrolled boat.
  • Meet sailors from old times at ¨Til sjøs¨ where they will tell you all about their hard work and adventures.
  • Try out as a captain or shipsbroker at the highway of the sea.
  • Enjoy Ivo Caprinos 18-minute movie about the Norwegian coast

Stay updated for special events, family Sundays, and other funs tuff at Bygdøynes. We have a museumstore, and during summer we open the Fjordterassen outdoor cafè

Place: Bygdøynesveien 37
Read more: Norsk Maritimt Museum 

Oslo Reptile Park

At Oslo Reptile Park you can see big and small snakes, Lizards, Spiders, Turtles, Dwarf Crocodiles, and the Caiman Brutus

Place: St. Olavs gate 2
Read more: Oslo Reptilpark  

TVigeland Museum

Place: Nobels gate 32 v/Vigelandsparken, 0268 Oslo
Read more: Vigeland-museet (offisiell side)

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