Food menu

Breakfast is served at the schools and lunch and dinner is served in Ekeberghallen at Ekebergsletta.

Opening hours:

Lunch 11.30-15.00

Dinner 15:30-21.00

Firs meal served: Saturday July 27th kl 15.30-21.00

Last meal: Saturday August 3rd kl 11:30-17.00

Date Lunch Dinner
Saturday 27 July Stew
Beef Stroganoff with rice
Sunday 28 July Creamy Chicken soup with noodles Meatballs, cream sauce, vegetables and potatoes
Fish cakes with gravy, vegetables and potatoes
Monday 29 July Pasta Bolognese Chicken Tikka Masala with rice
Salmon stew and potatoes
Tuesday 30 July Minestrone soup Steamed cod with gravy, vegetables and potatoes
Sweet & Sour with rice
Wednesday 31 July Taco stew Chicken drumsticks with rice and sweetcorn
Sausage with mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy
Halal chicken drumsticks
Thursday 1 August Pasta bolognese Meatballs with mashed peas, brown gravy and potatoes
Steamed salmon with gravy, vegetables and potatoes
Friday 2 August Goulash soup with noodles Beef casserole with potatoes, cabbage/carrot stew
Arctic fish burger with sour cream sauce,, vegetables and potatoes
Saturday  3 August Taco