Norway Cup – “team player on the world team”

The world’s largest arena for the joy of sports and friendship. Bergen Nord IL. Lørenskog IF. Legia Warsawa. Porto FC. Klemetsrud IL. Messi. UN. Erna Solberg. Markus and Martinus. Zucca.

Week 31 in Oslo is a special experience for a lot of people. For football players, for parents, for coaches, for volunteers, for spectators. These experiences happen when all these people come together.  They experience victory, loss, coping, friendship, crushes, excitement, sunshine, rain, ice cream, hot dogs, swimming, music, smiles, crying, cheers and much more.

And to make sure everyone who comes to Norway Cup have all these experiences we have a job to do: we must make sure that everyone is a team player.

A good team player is one that help others do their best. It is someone who contributes beyond what is expected of you. Someone who is inclusive. And someone who make the world just a little bit better.

Norway Cup wants to be a good team player. Therefore, we do:

  • We invite teams from developing countries and conflict areas to participate in Norway Cup free of charge – in cooperation with NORAD
  • We invite minor asylum seekers who live in asylum centres to play with Norwegian teams – in cooperation with Bufetat
  • We organize friendship clubs – where Norwegian and foreign teams meet up before, during and after Norway Cup to get to know each other
  • We are working with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – 17 goals that highlights the challenges we must face by 2030
  • We have launched a beach clean-up project where we encourage our participating teams to clean up plastic from their local beaches – in cooperation with SALT
  • We continue to work on organising a more environmental friendly tournament
  • We have a focus on increasing the percentage of girls playing football, including through collaboration with major Nordic tournaments and clubs
  • We invite important organizations that work with youth and / or development to attend the tournament
  • We have a class for people with disabilities
  • We are committed to being a “reasonable” tournament to participate in
  • We encourage physical activity by organising the world’s largest football tournament and physical activities off the playing fields

We also work with a lot of great partners who help create a better world. We want everyone to see the value in including everyone and being a team player.

Join Norway Cup – and be a good team player