Norway Cup religious service

This year’s religious service took place in Bekkelaget church Sunday morning to a full audience.

Tournament leader Terje Lund thanked the church for the good cooperation between Bækkelaget sportsclub and the church, and furthermore announced that Norway Cup has set the world record this year with a total of 2, 200 teams!

The priest mentioned Norway Cup as an important meeting place and link between different people and cultures; the world needs Norway Cup. Further, he added the possibility that Jesus also played football, as many stories of him were never written down.

The religious service included a mix of preach, prayer, song and dance.


I. The Gathering


Greeting (Speech from tournament leader Terje Lund)

Gathering Prayer

Song by Mathare United

II. The Word

It is written in the gospel of Matthew

The Sermon

The confession of Faith

Song performed by Sabra & Shatila Survivors

III. The Intercessions

IV. The Eucharisic Meal

Hymn and The offering

The Thanksgiving and Words of consecration

The meal

Afer the meal

The closing Eucharistic prayer

V. The dismissal

The blessing

A bell is ruing nine times in groups of three chimes with a short pause between

Photo: Fabian Stratenschulte

Text: Kjersti Hattrem