Norway Cup launch new activity park

Snowboarding, mini-ramp for skateboarding, trampolines and climbing parks will tempt both participants, siblings and other visitors at this year’s Norway Cup.

Skateboard and trampoline are activities that aren’t usually linked to a football tournament, but with this year’s Norway Cup Fun Park, both participants and others will have the chance to try out new and exciting activities on Ekebergsletta between July 29 and August 5th.

“Norway Cup has always been a great tournament that focus on more than just football, but this year we wanted to expand the activities on offer further. Our partners will build a park that will become an attraction where those who doesn’t play football can find fun activities that they can enjoy during this year’s tournament,” says Martin Andersson, Sales and Marketing Consultant for Norway Cup.

Martin adds: – This will be a free offer for all visitors at Ekebergsletta and is a great addition to all the fun activities our partners offer our participants and visitors during the week.

The four partners offer cool and challenging activities. The activities are run by Norway Cup’s partners and there will be a focus on safety in the park.

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park

This will be an innovative snowboard park for younger children. All equipment will be free and the kids will get expert guidance from the Burton crew.





North Trampoline

A four-element trampoline park will be ready for Norway Cup, and visitors can try out high quality, innovative trampolines.





Mini-skateboarding ramp with free instruction, boards and helmets. This is guaranteed to be a popular offer, and professional athletes will also hold as show to inspire fresh skateboarding enthusiasts.




Høyt & Lavt

A portable climbing park will be put up with six different elements, and climbing enthusiasts of all skill levels can test challenging activities in a safe environment.