Norway Cup – arena for sport and friendship

Norway Cup wants to be including, social, engaging and magical and we’re more than just football. This year we:

  • We have, in partnership with the Norwegian Department for Children, Youths and Families, this year encouraged Norwegian clubs to invite single, underage asylum seekers to join their team both before and during Norway Cup. Over 20 clubs have included 2 asylum seekers in their team.
  • Through funding from NORAD we’re able to give teams from developing countries or areas with specific challenge the opportunity to travel to Oslo and participate in Norway Cup.
  • We have a class for disabled people who play their matches on Thursday and Friday. The Norwegian Football Association is also hosting a football school for children with disabilities.
  • There will be Fair Play activities happening throughout the week
  • We’re creating even more social meeting places at Ekebergsletta this year
  • We’re organising various events throughout the week focusing on our values – see below for info and how to register

We will throughout the week also offer our participants a number of activities and events focusing on important themes. We wish to contribute to developing better players and better people – while also highlighting inclusion, diversity and unity. We and our partners will throughout the week have activities that highlight sports’ and our participants values – and we recommend that you participate in as many activities as you can.

Here are some of our activities:

KICK OFF coaches/ officials:

Disco-tent: “Arena of Dreams” Sunday July 31st, at 18:00-20:00

We invite all coaches and officials to a social KICK OFF. We will provide refreshments, some professional input and opportunities to socialize with old and new acquaintances. NFF (Norwegian Football Federation) and Norwegian Football Coach Association will be present.

Register to:

“Girls in Action!”:

Disco-tent: “Arena of Dreams” Monday August 1st, at 12:00-13:00

Take part in developing girls football!

We wish to invite participating girl’s teams in Norway Cup to a workshop where we will discuss how to organize female football to keep the girls in football activity longer.

The Norwegian football federation will facilitate the workshop, and national team players will also participate.

“Youth in Action!”:

Disco-tent: “Arena of Dreams” Tuesday August 2nd, at 14:00-15:00

Join an exciting event – for the future!

Listen to inspiring and fun stories from national team players, members from the UN youth panel, participants in Norway Cup, Plan Norway and top female referees. They will share their stories about how sport has enhanced their lives, and what sport can do to make the community better.

Registrations to:

“Sport and values”:

Disco-tent: “Arena of Dreams” Wednesday August 3rd, at 14:30-15:00 (english)

Provide your players positive and valuable input during the Norway Cup week

“Sunn Idrett”/ “Healthy Sports” will talk about “how to eat healthy and perform better” at 14:30 in “Arena of Dreams”

Registrations to: