Nice memories in safe environment

Norway Cup is more than soccer. At Holmlia, the mayor and the Norway Cup-manager joined the watchmen to check upon the atmosphere.

This year, almost 6000 matches take place at Norway Cup. What happens in between the matches is also an important part of the experience. The Oslo-mayor, Marianne Borgen, and Norway Cup-manager, Tony Isaksen, joined the watchmen to check upon the atmosphere.

– A lot of the Norway Cup-spirit takes place at the schools. Here, you share histories, flirting and fun. It is the friendship you will remember. When the watchmen are busy keeping things safe, it`s fun to join, says Isaksen.


Lia (15), Naomi (16) and Anni (15), from Holmlia, think it was fun to meet the mayor along with the watchmen.

Nice and calm.

About 650 Norway Cup-participants stay the night this week at the schools, at Holmlia. During one of the many rounds the watchmen take throughout the night, Isaksen and Borgen met some soccer players and other teens in the local area.

Lia (15), Naomi (16) and Anni (15), from Holmlia, think it was fun to meet the mayor along with the watchmen.

– It has been nice. Everyone we have met, have been very pleased, says Borgen.

The mayor, herself has been a watchman earlier. She got the idea to join the watchmen when she met Tony Isaksen and Lars, a watchman, during the Norway Cup`s opening show.

– We wanted to walk an extra round here because some of the parents have been worried. It`s nice and quiet here, and the teens are excited. What we thought have been confirmed, says the mayor.


Important dialogue.

Along the way, many people wanted to speak to the watchmen. Whether it`s soccer or other stuff. Several people were surprised when they saw the mayor and the Norway Cup-manager.

– I think it`s important to show that the watchmen are doing a great job talking to the youth. Conversation is very important, says Tony Isaksen.

Together with Marianne Borgen, Isaksen learned a lot about the local area at Holmlia and the watchmen`s job. It was time for a tour at the school with one of Norway Cup`s volunteers, as well.


Tony Isaksen and Marianne Borgen check out the living conditions at Holmlia school

Pizza party 

Inside the school, Isaksen and Borgen were greeted by a big pizza party. Falkeid were arranging the party for their players, managers and parents. An example that everything that happens around the city is connected to Norway Cup.

– This makes me proud of both Norway Cup and Oslo. The Cup creates excitement, and we generate thrilling memories for children and young ones from all around the world, says Marianne Borgen.

Alongside Tony Isaksen, she agrees the soccer is just a part of the experiences from the Cup.

– This is a wonderful arrangement with a lot of joy, but it is very fun and nice to meet people and visit the different schools, she adds.








Text/photo: Magne Enoksen

Translated by: Andrea Smedsrud Gammelgård and Iben Carnhed