Nardo to NC

Nardo G16 comes to summer’s Norway Cup.

We have received a report from Stian Sand, head coach Nardo G16:
1: Why do you choose NC?
1: – Our boys have had a tradition to attend Storsjøcup and felt that it was fun to be able to participate in something new now. Norway Cup is a cup which is very popular in Trondheim in Norway and we are therefore looking at it as a wonderful opportunity to experience something together. We have faith in a good cup sporting and social. I myself have participated in Norway Cup as a player, and have only good memories of the cup. The opportunity to meet other cultures and layers than just peculiar brand team is something our boys really looking forward to. There was virtually unanimous among the boys that they would at Norway Cup this summer. All parents have set favorably to experience this, says Stian Sand in an e-mail to the tournament.


2: What are the ambitions for the tournament? Win?
2: – The ambition to participate in Norway Cup is first and foremost to experience something together. Along with G16 made our then both G-J 19 and G-J 14 participating this year. How we gathered the team in an unprecedented manner. This puts both club and parents whose children are scattered in several coal extremely greatly appreciated. Sporty so we want all our players to feel that they have taken part in this summer’s best adventures. This is important for further fancy playing the world’s best sport and that we know we can become acquainted with other teams and other cultures on the trip. We expect that the absolute majority of our coal is going to participate to be part of Oslo, says Stian Sand.

3: What pleases you most to Norway Cup 2016?
3 – We are looking forward to getting the opportunity to test ourselves against sporting good ‘unknown’ resistance. We are also to be a whole week together where we can get experiences gathered in Oslo city. Oslo has much to offer and there are often many activities around the Norway Cup week. This is something the boys really looking forward to. We look forward to a glorious week with many great impulses that we can take home with us to the fall season. We rejoice !, says Stian Sand.

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