Comedian showed off at Celebrity Match

Like last year, the Norwegian comedian Morten Ramm, participated in the Celebrity Match at Norway Cup Wednesday.

Morten played for the team ”Global Goal”, and one of his teammates were NHL-player Mats Zuccarello. After an exciting match, the team Global Goal eventually won the match, and the final results were 5-3.

It has to be noted that Morten goaled and had an assist, though Morten himself, was not satisfied with his own contributions.

– I made a huge mistake when I was close to the goal. The mistake was to shoot the ball straight forward. I thought the goalkeeper was going to throw himself to one side or the other. But my calculations went wrong, so he managed to save it. That was kind of a bummer, Ramm says, with a smile.

The team mate that impressed Ramm the most was the Norwegian rapper Turab. Ramm says he was really surprised by Turab´s skills. He had low expectations about Turab, but in the end, he was really impressed.

– If someone wishes to be just as good as me at football, then you have to quit when you are 15, and have a comeback when you are 20 again. Then you will probably turn out to be as good as me at football, he adds with a huge grin playing on his lips.

The secret behind Ramm’s “football talent” is thousands of hours spent on the local football field in Tønsberg, where he grew up.

– When you play with your friends at a local football field, you can be whoever you want to be, even pretend to be one of the best football players in the world.

– I really want to play at the Celebrity Match next year as well. When it comes to training for the next year’s match, I don’t think I’ll train that hard, I`ll just keep training regularly, Ramm laughs.


Text/photo: Sigurd Goffèng-Bjerke
Translated by: Andrea E. Soot and Iben Carnhed

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