Kolbotn girls 06 travelled to China to meet Norway Cup team

Norway Cup is a wonderful arena for meeting friends from all over the world, something Kolbotn girls 06 team is a very good example of.

In the summer of 2017, Kolbotns football girls met a team from the Xingang School in Guangzhou, South of China, at Norway Cup. The team from China came to Norway Cup as a direct result of the fact that the relationship between the superpower in East and Norway improved after the visit by Prime Minister Erna Solberg in April 2017.

The two teams became good friends at Ekebergsletta, so this year, 27 girls, 6 coaches and over 30 family members experienced the trip of a life time – a 12-day trip to China to meet the team from Guangzhou!

Frode Hansen, from Kolbotn, says:

It was 12 days that created memories for life for the team.

We experienced a culture that hopefully expands horizons, and we met many Chinese children and young people who talked about their everyday lives. This shows how football is building bridges. And with us it has helped to create a common understanding between Norwegian and Chinese children and young people. In addition, we hope the trip builds friendship that lasts.

We stayed three days in Beijing. Here we visited the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and of course the Chinese Wall. In addition, there were visits to schools and football matches. »

The group continued to Shanghai, where they spent a whole day at a football academy, sightseeing and playing football. Then the whole group traveled 16 hours at night to Guangzhou, south of China. New city, new climate.

Frode says that the trip was a wonderful experience and hope it gives extra motivation to the girls:

It is before and after the China trip for Kolbotns fotballjenter 06 now. It undoubtedly gave a broader understanding of the everyday life of children and young people in another country. We hope, of course, the trip also gives extra motivation to our girls.

We are so lucky to be in a club who are dedicated to girls’ football. In our club there is room for everyone. The motto for our club is as many as possible, for as long as possible and the best programme for those who want to go far. These are wonderful girls to coach. We in the support team are privileged to be allowed to train these girls several times a week throughout the year.

Frode does not hide the fact that he recommends all teams that make the trip to Norway Cup to become a friendship club:

This is cultural exchange at its best. And through tournaments like Norway Cup, we see that football is building bridges between different cultures. Football becomes a common language.