The Corona pandemic has been hard on the most vulnerable, and is has been especially hard to see families around us through hard times.

Karanba has been distributing food and basic needs items for people who needed it the most and who had to shift their focus away from soccer.

We are looking optimisticly towards the future and started preparing for next year`s Norway Cup, and we look very much forward to the 50th anniversary of the tournament.

The dream, of course, is to win the Norway Cup – but it is about so much more than  victory or loss – or even soccer itself. First and foremost, it is about the girl`s personal journey and growth, as well as have hope for a better future.

We are  currently working on the production and final financing of a new documentary series about the girls team of Karanba who will participate in the Norway Cup. This will be a “Once in a lifetime” – journey for teenage girls who have never been outside the city limits of Rio de Janeiro.



Facts about Karanba:

-More than 8000 participants since the beginning in 2006

-Brasilian organization with 40 emplyoees

-Karanbas girls’s initiative celebrates 10 years

-40% girl’s share per November 2021

-Established Food Safety Program

-8 participations in  Norway Cup and won 3 times ( 2010, 2011 and 2013 )

The Tv series about Karanba from 2010 can be watched here:             


More information about Karanba:

Facebook: facebook.com/projetokaranba

Instagram: instagram.com/projetokaranba

www.karanba.org | tommy@karanba.org

Text and pictures Tommy /Karanba