Jesper Jenset answers fan questions

The popular Norwegian artist Jesper Jenset (19) smiles broadly towards the audience and thanks for a successful intimate concert at the MP3-stand at Norway Cup. The fans are eagerly waiting to take pictures with him, and has to wait a good twenty minutes before we get to him.

Eager fans and a smiling Jenset

This year, like last year, Jesper Jenset played during the opening show at Norway Cup. He tells us that he loves being on stage, but last year’s show was probably the favorite. Unlike last year, he went for a more relaxed performance this year. We got the impression that he missed dancers and flamethrowers, and that he would focus more on songs with more momentum in the future. He adds that he has worked a lot with a new album, and that the first half is going to be released during the fall.

Jenset says that the career has led to less time with friends, but that the music was a good change from gymnastics after 17 years. Jenset is one of Music Norway’s most famous sweethearts, and says it may be an advantage to look good. He also adds that although it may be an advantage, the media put too much focus on it. He believes it is important to express that when you choose this kind of career, you need to be aware that it includes more than concerts and fans.

The 19 year old wants the best for his fans, and would rather have a better sound system than helicopter transport for his concerts. In addition, Jenset is economical and gladly takes First Price products (“cheaper brands”). Before his concerts, he asks for six scratchcards that he and the band scratch together. If they win something, the reward goes to the band. Though there`s only been a small reward until now, he thinks the idea is good and continues to ask for them. Other rituals Jensen does before concerts: he is punched in the back and do push-ups to get more alert.

Jesper Jenset singing at the MP-3 stand

Questions from the fans opened up for questions from fans trough Instagram. The questions moved quickly from the Norway Cup to girlfriends, flashbacks and future dreams.

To the girls’ thrill, can we announce that the sweetheart is single, and he is open to documenting parts of his daily life in a vlog “as long as it’s cool”. Jenset says that in international contexts he is often called “JJ”, which we think is very catchy.

Jenset is asked the question: “Would you rather have been a boy and not an artist, or girl and an artist?”

– “Boy and not artist”, Jenset answers quite quickly, to the girls joy. When Jenset is asked about childhood memories, he does not choose anything specific, but rather all the family trips he has had around the world.


“Celebrity crush”, however, is Jessica Alba.

Jesper Jenset’s favorite karaoke song is both “You’re the inspiration” by Chicago and “Perm” by Bruno Mars. His idol is vlogger Jon Olsson and artist John Mayer.

Jesper Jenset concludes by saying that the ultimate dream is to be happy.


Text: Iben Carnhed and Andrea E. Soot
Translated by: Andrea Smedsrud Gammelgård and Iben Carnhed
Photo: Iben Carnhed