International Women’s Day – Norway Cup is celebrating Norwegian women’s football stagnate

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we’re looking at inspirational women and don’t have to look any further than our very own “grandma”, Rigmor Andresen.

Rigmor (95) has over the years worked to highlight women’s football in Norway, and is the sole reason for girls being allowed to take part in Norway Cup from the start in 1972. A whole four years before the Norwegian Football Association officially acknowledged women’s football.

Rigmor has been a member of Norway Cup’s organising club, Bækkelagets Sportsklub, since 1946 and is the clubs first an, so far, the only female chair of the board. She was chair when Norway Cup launched in 1972, and despite her male colleagues’ protests, she worked hard to make sure girls were allowed to take part in the first ever Norway Cup.

Rigmor says:

The board were arguing against girls taking part at Norway Cup, so I got up to leave. When they asked where I was going, I simply said: “well since you don’t think we need girls here, I’m leaving”. That turned the tables, and we ended up with 8 girls’ teams at the first-ever Norway Cup in 1972!

Rigmor has had various roles at The Norwegian Sports Association, including chair of the board for six years, and leader of a large youth delegation to the Olympics in Montreal in 1976.

She has also been given the UEFA Award in 2002 by UEFA-president, Lennart Johansson.