International teamwork

When you have played football at top level in England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany – what do you do next? Coach a team from Iran in Norway Cup, of course.

– What’s the score?
– It’s 12–0.
– We need to score more goals!

Florin Raducioiu is enthusiastic on the sideline as he is coaching the Iranian team Daniellee. The Romanian football legend has played in all Europe’s top five football leagues and scored four World Cup goals, but right now Daniellee’s match against Lommedalen is on top of his mind. A half time score of 12–0 is good, but the Iranians need more goals to improve their goal difference.

Ali Ajdarkosh feirer scoring med en av Daniellee-spillerne.
Ali Ajdarkosh congratulating one of his players with a goal.

– The Iranian players have great technique and dribbling skills, but I try to teach them some European mentality and dicipline and help them play more like a team, Florin Raducioiu tells after the game.

He had just watched his Iranian players do an eyebrow-rising performance of dribbling, passing and shooting. Daniellee scored another twelwe goals in the second half, making the final result 24–0. No wonder the club chairman Ali Ajdarkosh was all smiles after the match.

– This is our second year in Norway Cup. Last year we lost the final, but this year we hope to win the whole tournament, Ajdarkosh says.

Learning abroad

Daniellee’s history only dates back to 2013, but development of young players has been a key for Ajdarkosh during these three years. He believes it is important for the youngsters to learn through matches against international teams in tournaments like Norway Cup. But this winter he also was looking for an experienced coach that could take the team to a new level.

– We have a cooperation with AC Milan’s academy, and they introduced us to Florin Raducioiu, who used to play in Milan and now has taken the UEFA Pro Licence coach classes, Ajdarkosh says.

The Romanian was invited to Iran, and for two months he was in Tarbiz and Teheran coaching the players of Daniellee. The players really enjoyed Raducioiu’s visit, and the former football star also loved his time in the country.

– It was an amazing experiende, both in football and in life. People were nice and kind, the food was good and I got to see a lot of nice places, Raducioiu says.

Florin Raduchioiu feirer seier sammen med spillerne sine.
Florin Raduchioiu celebrating the victory with his players.

Praises Norway Cup

The Romanian is one of only two players to have played on top level in all of England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. There is no surprise he knows a thing or two about what teams from different countries can learn from each other.

– There are big differences between the countries. It was beautiful playing in Spain, then I was one year in Italy and it was difficult for me, but it was still an uforgettable experience being a part of that great AC Milan team, Raducioiu recaps.

Now his aim is to adopt European tactics and passing into the technical Iranian game.

– Learing from each other is the best way to become a good footballer, Raducioiu says.

He is also impressed by his first visit to Norway Cup and how well the tournament is organized.

– I love the motto «Memories for life». For instance, take a look at the Palestinian teams who are here. This is surely an unforgettable experience for both them and for our boys. This is a real feast of football, Raducioiu says.


By: Magne Mellem Enoksen