Important message for teams with school accommodation

The schools used for accommodation during Norway Cup are managed by other local sports teams and organizations. Last week all the security personnel were gathered for a briefing before this year’s tournament.

There are very strict guidelines for both Norway cup and its security set by Undervisningsbygg, the company who owns and manage the schools in Oslo. The guidelines cover among other things fire safety. This year a rule is set that no sleeping matts shall be larger than 100cm x 200cm. In past years many have brought double size matts and that is not accounted for when teams are placed in classrooms based on number of people.

90% of the security personnel has experience from previous years in Norway Cup. We also try to give them the same school to work in every year. This year the situation is a little out of the ordinary as week 31 is the first week in August which means that the after school programs has begun in some of the schools. This has left us with fewer schools to accommodate the teams in. The personnel working in each school will do their very best for all guests to enjoy their stay during this year’s tournament.

The game set up for the opening rounds are now published and a new feature this year is that you can click on the game to get a travel guide from the schools to where the games are played both by car and public transport. Be aware; the fastest route might not be the one by car. Maintenance is being done on several roads and tunnels in the Oslo area so public transport might be the fastest and simplest way to get around.

We recommend tram access to Ekeberg with the number 18 or 19 tram and the local stop is called “Jomfrubråten”.