– Not surprised

20 of 24 female national team players who were in the last Norwegian squad has participated in Norway Cup. The high number does not surprise football Norway.

– The high figure you can use as a promotion and it surprises me so far not. Norway Cup has attained a status from the beginning as a tournament that everyone wants to be part of, says manager for women’s football Even Pellerud.

He is supported by the chief.

– The figure shows that Norway Cup is a great tournament where most age certain players have visited. The figure also shows that girls have been anxious when they were younger and that Norway Cup is a very attractive tournament, said coach Roger Finjord.
20 of 24 have played
These have played Norway Cup
(List showing name and current club):
Ingrid Hjelmseth – Stabæk Fotball
Josefine Ervik – Vålerenga
Maren Mjelde – Avaldsnes IL
Lene Mykjåland – LSK Kvinner FK
Gry Tofte Ims – Klepp IL
Ingvild Stensland – Stabæk Fotball
Emilie Haavi – LSK Kvinner FK
Isabell Herlovsen – LSK Kvinner FK
Elise Thorsnes – Avaldsnes IL
Kristine Minde – Linkoping FC
Nora Holstad Berge – Bayern Munich
Caroline Graham Hansen – WFL Wolfsburg
Hege Hansen – Avaldsnes IL
Andrine Hegerberg – Kopparbergs / Gothenburg FC
Ada Hegerberg – Olympique Lyonnais
Ingrid Moe Wold – LSK Kvinner FK
Andrine Tomter – Avaldsnes IL
Synne Sofie Jensen – WFL Wolfsburg
Lisa – Marie Karlseng Global – Trondheims-Ørn
Stine Reinås – Stabæk Fotball



Haavi played for Røa
The players themselves are not surprised that the figure is as high as 20 by 24.

– No, I’m not really surprised that there is such a large number who have participated in the tournament. Most clubs in Norway attending the Norway Cup, says Emilie Haavi.

LSK player participated in Norway Cup for Røa his junior.

– I do not really have very many memories of when I played there myself, but I have visited there several times also with women’s national team. It is a very nice tournament that brings together teams from around the world. It grows surely many internationals there now, says Haavi.

Lisa-Maria Karlseng Global from Trondheim / Eagle also played Norway Cup.

– I was with a year of Grand Bodø and I remember we played one game in the mud. We also met some foreign teams and had a real fight against them. Otherwise I also remember that it was most nice weather and good mood, says Karlseng Global.

She understand that 20 of 24 from the Norwegian women’s national team has participated at Ekeberg.

– NC is the the biggest cup in Norway and it did not surprise me, says Karlseng Global.


– The world’s biggest tournament
LSK coach Monica Knudsen is also not surprised that as many as 20 of the 24 have played Norway Cup.

– Norway Cup is the world’s biggest tournament, says Knudsen.

She has participated in the tournament.

– I played the tournament once for Express IL in 1991. We came straight from the Dana Cup before we participated in Norway Cup. I remember that we were very tired and busted early, says Knudsen, and continues:

– Most players would return home when we were knocked out, but I remember that I would be in. I was back and saw the finals played at Bislett the time, says Knudsen.


Urædd player Melissa Wiik was not included in the final squad but also she has played Norway Cup.

– I’ve played finals in Norway Cup for two consecutive years by Asker. We lost both against respectively VIF and Liungen. When I was younger was Norway Cup one of the biggest one could participate. It was really fun to be with, says Melissa Wiik.