Hyggen IF to NC

Hyggen IF coming to Norway Cup 2016.

– Norway Cup is a happening and something that plays our group has had a strong desire to attend. It does not quite fit in the past, but in 2016 we are ready. It is an experience that you take with you ahead in life and then it becomes fun to meet teams from other parts of the country and the world if we are lucky, says Bjorn Einar Kippe

– What are the ambitions with Norway Cup 2016? Win?

– Secondly profit is to progress to A-offs, as well as getting a good social outcomes and a good overall experience, says Kippe.

– What pleases you most to Norway Cup 2016?

– We are looking forward most to the tournament itself with appearances, crowds and a lot of commitment from players, parents and the public, said Bjorn Einar Kippe.

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