How to avoid injuries

This year, Nimi (Norwegian Sports Medicine Institute) is running the field hospital at Ekebergsletta. In this article, you get tips from their physiotherapist about how to avoid injuries.

– Research has shown that good, structured warm-up can reduce the chance of incurring an injury in football by half, says Kevin Nordanger, physiotherapist at Nimi.

Are you ready to play?

“Ready for the game” is a one-time warm-up program that Nimi recommends. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and it should be done at least twice a week. Then you have prepared your body well for exercise, or fight. The warm-up exercises from “Games ready” aim to improve balance, coordination and strength.

– The program reduces damage by 30–50%. It’s simple but very effective. The warm-up program should therefore be done systematically before Norway Cup. Neither Lionel Messi nor Ada Hegerberg had managed to become the world’s best football players if they were injured all the time, says Kevin Nordanger.

Have you hurt yourself on the plain?

If the accident is out, you can rest assured that Nimi’s doctors and physiotherapists will do everything possible to help the young sports heroes. Usually, we help sports heroes and everyday heroes at Ullevål stadium. See for more information.

At you can find the entire “Games ready” program: