Happy faces from Brandbu and Beijing

Brandbu beat Beijing 12-0 in their opening match, but both teams were happy after the final whistle.

Brandbu-players Natnal (11) and Adrian (11) had a lot of fun playing the match. The team from Brandbu won 12-0, and they said that it was delightful to win their first match.

–  We hope we will win many games at Norway Cup this year, the boys said. They also made it clear that they want to come back and participate in Norway Cup next year.

Their dream is to become professional football players when they grow up. Cristiano Ronaldo is Natnal’s biggest idol.

Adrian (11, left.) og Natnal (11) are teammates on Brandbu IF. Photo: Jon Henrik Eldholm.

Sarah (11) and Helen (12) from Beijing New Source Football Club, were happy even though they lost the match against Brandbu. They were also looking forward to play more games in Norway Cup. The Chinese team had both girls and boys playing together.

–  We had a lot of fun playing the match, and we trained a lot for this competition, the girls said after the match.

Beijing New Source Football Club arrived in Oslo two days ago, and they went to the concert on Saturday evening. The two girls thought that Norwegian music was pretty cool, however it was way too loud for their taste.

– Chinese music is a lot slower than the Norwegian music, said Sarah.

Sarah (11, left.) og Helen (12) are teammates on the team from China. Photo: Jon Henrik Eldholm.

We asked the girls about their thoughts on Norway so far.

– Norway has much cleaner air than China. There is a lot of pollution in the air where we come from, and the nature is also a little bit different.

The team from China also want to go sightseeing in Oslo. The girls looked forward to visit museums and other famous monuments.

–  This is our first time outside Asia, and we are looking forward to seeing and experiencing the Norwegian culture, they said.

Sarah and Helen do not have any clear plans for the future, but they want to play football for as long as they could. Maybe they can become professional football players at the National team in China?

Text: Jon Henrik Eldholm og Kristoffer Dammerud Karstensen. 
Photo: Jon Henrik Eldholm. 

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