Team from Guinea Bissau to join Norway Cup for the first time

A team from Guinea Bissau will, for the first time ever, join us at Norway Cup this summer. 17 girls (14-16 years) are coming all the way from the islands outside Guinea Bissau to Oslo to participate in Norway Cup.

The girls are from the islands outside Guinea Bissau, which are among the poorest communities in the country and they normally have very few opportunities to have experiences outside of the islands. They look therefore look forward to Norway Cup as it will give them the opportunity experience something new and to see what is happening elsewhere in the world.

The community started a football team for girls to give them something to do in their spare time and to break the barrier that girls must stay at home.

Along with the Eco-Bijago Centre, some of the girls are working with various environmental projects in the community. Here they help turtles that are stranded on beaches back to the sea and cleans the beaches of plastic bags. Would you like to read more about the project? Learn more here.

The girls have no soccer gear so if there are any teams that have equipment to spare (jerseys, shoes, etc.) that you want to give away please contact us at and we’ll pass them on.

Would you like to join the team from Guinea Bissau at Norway Cup, the world’s largest football tournament? Register here before April 15th.